The Things They Carried

This week’s Selected Shorts is a rebroadcast of Dylan Baker reading Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried. I have been completely in love with this story since the first time I heard it, and listening to it again today only reaffirmed that. I highly recommend downloading the podcast and giving it a listen, or picking up the book.

Selected Shorts is also a darn good program in general and I fully recommend subscribing to the podcast or listening to it on the radio. It’s one of those programs (see: basically everything on KQED's schedule) that I don't listen to much any more because I don't have a radio on all the time (indeed, I don't have a radio at all) and I miss having in my life (and yes, I'm subscribed to the podcast, but don't often get around to listening to it). Though it does get recorded live here in NYC every week, so maybe sometime if I have a free Wednesday evening (and a free $27) I’ll check that out.